Clean water - for a disease problem.

Life — is the animated water. (Emil Dubois)

Water is very usual for us, but not all people know the real importance of water in our life and the way it influences our health. Add some sugar in water and look as it is getting dissolved. Approximately the same happens in our organism when we drink water. It is a common knowledge that water is the best dissolvent in the world and if to drink insufficient amount of water our organism can collect inside a lot of waste products. The more food you eat, the more water your organism need, so that each cell of an organism would receive useful trace substances from food.

Water is almost everywhere in the nature. Life on the earth is possible thanks to water. As for people we are not exception. Our body consists from 55% to 78% of water, depending on the weight and age.

Force of water can't be overestimated, it is soft but at the same time even metals and rocks are dissolved in water. Everybody saw the grass growing through the pavement, this is water that give strength to the grass, pushing it to sun and blasting everything on the way.

Water isn't a simple mean of satisfying the thirst, it is the most important construction material of the organism. If without food people can live almost a month, without water won't survive even a week. When you are thirsty, the body already reports the dehydration therefore you shouldn't wait similar signals of the organism — better to drink by small portions. According to recommendation of American doctor and scientist Fereydun Batmangkhelidzha, for health maintenance it is necessary to drink daily about 30 mg of water on each kilogram of the body — it will be a good prevention of many diseases.

The curative force of water was estimated long time ago. Leonardo da Vinci once said: "The water was given a magic power to be a source of life on the Earth". But you should remember that not any water is a "source of life" as it is very important to drink clean pure water, it has to be transparent without any smell.

Drink natural water and be healthy!

When we want to put emphasis on something important we usually compare it with gold. But nothing can be compared with usual or even mineral water. Water is priceless!” ( Alexey Stepanovsky)