Sparkling mineral water

Chemical composition

Therapeutic indications:

  • chronic gastritis;

  • noncomplicated peptic and stomach ulcer disease;

  • chronic liver and bile passages disease; metabolic diseases;
  • metabolic diseases;

  • chronic urinary tract disease and urolithiasis.

Volume of bottles
1,5 л. (Фрост) 1,0 л. (Фрост) 0,5 л. (Фрост)

"Frost" mineral water does not contain any of the toxic to the human body chemicals, is safe in regard to epidemiological and radiological matters, its composition features the artesian waters of Brest artesian basin.

Mineral water "Frost" is a product that restores and maintains a balance of minerals in human body and contributes to overall rehabilitation.


  • Natural mineral water, without artificial mineralization, the depth of the well 283 meters.

  • Extracted in ecologically clean area of Belarus — Brest Region., Drogichinsky district, village Homsk.

  • Classical composition, with no contraindications: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbonates.

  • Small mineralization: 1.0 — 2.4 g/l.

  • Taste of water and healthy features last for a long time even after opening the bottle.

  • The production keeps natural salinity unchanged.

Depth of the well
285 m