Still mineral water

Chemical composition

Therapeutic indications:

  • chronic gastritis;

  • noncomplicated peptic and stomach ulcer disease;

  • chronic liver and bile passages disease; metabolic diseases;
  • metabolic diseases;

  • chronic urinary tract disease and urolithiasis.

Volume of bottles
1,5 л. (Фрост) 0,5 л. (Фрост)

A liter of the water contains as much calcium as 2 glasses of natural milk. This is exactly half the daily needs of an adult organism

And calcium means your healthy teeth, bones, nerves so therefore it»s a perfect posture, smile and good mood.


  • Natural mineral water, without artificial mineralization, the depth of the well 283 meters.

  • Extracted in ecologically clean area of Belarus — Brest Region., Drogichinsky district, village Homsk.

  • Classical composition, with no contraindications: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbonates.

  • Small mineralization: 1.0 — 2.4 g/l.

  • Taste of water and healthy features last for a long time even after opening the bottle.

  • The production keeps natural salinity unchanged.

Depth of the well
285 m