Water for kids

Chemical composition
Volume of bottles
5.0 л. капля 1 л. капля 0.5 л. 0,33 л. (Фрост)

Drinking still water “Frost Classic” is ideal for kids. It may be used without preliminary boiling by kids of three years old and upwards, also “Frost Classic” may be used for cooking.

Drinking still water “Frost Classic” is produced from the cleanest artesian water on the territory of the enterprise. The depth of the well is 196 meters. Drinking still water for kids “Frost” is absolutely natural artesian water. Its distinctive feature is very soft, pleasant and unique flavor which makes water “Frost Classic” different from other waters. Water for kids isn’t exposed to chemical cleaning thus saving all useful features and quality which is very important because this is water for kids.


  • Unique natural composition is ideal for kids.
  • Doesn’t need boiling.
  • Has soft and pleasant flavor.
  • Isn’t exposed to chemical cleaning.
  • Water for kids produced from the wells located in a place of basalt beddings, while basalt is the most reliable natural filter.
  • Produced in picturesque region of Polesye – far from big industrial enterprises.
  • Keeps useful features and taste for a long time even after opening the bottle.
  • Bright original packing.

Depth of the well
195 m