Still drinking water

Chemical composition
Volume of bottles
5.0 л. капля 2 л. капля 1.5 л. капля 1 л. капля 0.5 л.

Still drinking water “Frost” is produced form depth down to 195 m.

Optimized concentration of positive and negative ions created by nature keeps the whole body in good shape. Bottled in PET bottles.

Water is equally good for cold and hot drinks as well as for cooking. Drinking still water “Frost” supports life quality and feeling healthy. You drink the same water as it was thousands and one hundred thousands years ago!


  • Water has soft and pleasant taste.
  • Isn't exposed to chemical cleaning.
  • Produced from the wells located in a place of basalt beddings, while basalt is the most reliable natural filter.
  • Produced in picturesque region of Polesye – far from big industrial enterprises.
  • Keeps useful features and taste for a long time even after opening the bottle.

Depth of the well
195 m