About Us


Joint Belarusian-Russian company "Frost" has been operating at the Belarusian market of mineral and drinking waters since August, 1997. During this period the enterprise managed to carry away all Belarus with its products and moreover “Frost” managed to enter the international market.

Our guiding principle is a folk Belarusian saying: “everything you do – you do for yourself”. This is why not only our employees and business partners, but everybody who tried at least once mineral water “Frost” – sincerely believes that this is the most delicious water inBelarus. The company offers unique, useful, created by nature products. Water “Frost” fills with happiness and confidence, gives opportunity to feel the crystal purity, perfect flavour and a chance to take a delight in water – as wonderful as life itself.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points international quality managements systems are applied at the enterprise during production of mineral and drinking water.

The quality of mineral water “Frost” is confirmed by European compliance certificates, issued by Certification Authority “Baltsert” (Latvia) for realization of the products on the territory of Europe. The certificates confirm compliance of “Frost” products to requirements of European legislation.