Product of Year 2008. As consumer preferences are studied, Frost&Co-produced waters had its edge in two nominations — Drinking Water and Mineral Water.

Frost products now branded as Natural Product.
Frost products certified by HACCP. Frost&Co certified as complying with НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for mineral and drinking water.

Frost&Co comes out as an official partner of the Belarus National Olympic Committee.

Frost Mineral Water and Frost Classic Drinking Water certified as complying with European standards by Baltcert (Latvia) for the sales of the products in European countries. The certificates confirm the compliance of Frost&Co-produced waters with the European legal requirements.

In 2008, yet another line which is now No. 5 was installed and commissioned to bottle mineral water in 1.5l bottles. The new equipment is two capacities more than a single line and can bottle up to 7 thousand 1.5l bottles.
Best Product 2007 Alcohol-free Drinks nationwide contest awarded the Winner title to Frost mineral sparkling and still water.

2006.png"Frost" drinking fruit water with the aroma of raspberries of 1.5 l and 0.6 l bottled capacity.


The launch of "Frost" still mineral water bottled in1.5 litres and 0.6 litres sizes as well as drinking fruit sparkling water with additives (iodine, selenium, lemon, cranberry).

The company took a steady third place in the mineral and drinking waters market. Total sales of the company in 2005 increased by 20% compared to ones in 2004.


Frost and Co is a steady third place in the mineral waters marke. The productivity about 3000 bottles per hour. Due to the new well exploration, the depth of which is 285 m, the production of "Frost"mineral water containing fluoride was launched.


The structure and marketing strategy of the company is changed. The company took its place in the mineral water market, "Frost" mineral water market share was 14%. The number of employees has grown to 142.

The amount of realization of mineral water increased from 416 thousand bottles in 1997 to 17782 thousands bottles in 2003 (i.e., sales increased 40 times); the company introduced a new line of the mineral water bottling exploitation. The company started the production of still drinking water capacity of 5 l.


Opening "Frost and Co" representative office in Minsk. The creation of a sales representative, working throughout the country, establishing a permanent base of customers in the city of Minsk and Minsk region. Between 2002 and 2003 sales volume in Minsk and Minsk region has increased by 2.5 times.


Total sales are up to 12 mln bottles per year. Frost water market advertising has its start.


Frost trade mark wins its loyal customers. Regional distribution over Belarus is launched.


Frost mineral water becomes profitable business. New marketing policy. The company enjoys its growth.


67 working places are created, the enterprise meets futher development.


Belarusian and Russian joint company Frost&Co, Ltd is registered. The Product presentation. Mineral water sales volume — 416 bottles a year.